We’re Glad You’re Here!

Special Education Parent Advisory Council web site.

If you are the parent of, or caregiver for, a child with special needs in Grafton, Massachusetts, then you should learn more about the Grafton SEPAC.

We are off to a strong start in the 2016-17 school year, and we are excited at what will be happening this year with our SEPAC families (yes, that means YOU!). Here’s what we don’t want you to miss:



In September, we met at the GHS library for an excellent presentation from ExceptionalLives.org. If you have ANY questions regarding how to get the right services for your child or how to navigate the maze of raising a special needs child, this website is for you. Following a list of questions, they will create your own PERSONALIZED guide for whatever topic you need help with. Best of all, it’s FREE!



Need help finding service providers, such as dentists, doctors or babysitters for your special needs child? Stay tuned – we will be assembling a Grafton SEPAC Services Directory, and we will need your help to fill in the blanks! Let’s all pool our knowledge resources to help us ALL save time and energy as we help our kids. Be on the lookout for an email survey to this end.